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Theory and Simulation of an Inverse Free-Electron Laser Accelerator Experiment

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An experimental demonstration of Inverse Free-Electron Laser Accelerator has been carried out at the Accelerator Test Facility of the Brookhaven National Laboratory. The data generated by this experiment are studied by means of theory and numerical simulation. Included in the simulations are such effects as: a low-loss waveguide, multi-mode coupling in the optical wave, space-charge, energy spread of electron beam, and different wiggler profiles. The energy increment of the electron beam (~1-2%) is analyzed in detail as a function of the laser power, wiggler parameters, and initial energy (~40 Mev). At a laser power level ~ 0.5Gw, the simulation results on energy gain are in reasonable agreement with the experimental results.

Speaker: Sankui Gou, Ph.D.

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