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dCache and SRM Projects: Status update, February 2007

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Timur Perelmutov
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Timur Perelmutov
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13 Feb 2007, 11:30
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13 Feb 2007, 11:30
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20 Feb 2009, 15:48
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dCache GridFTP door, Resilient Manager and SRM are main contributions to dCache
More development is needed to make these products successful in the long term
dCache increasing support load and reduced staffing lead to reduction in development activity
Need to shift more responsibilities to SSA and concentrate on development
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  • Slides (dCache.and.SRM.CD.Project.Status.Feb.13.2007.pdf, 176.7 kB)
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SRM and dCache held on 13 Feb 2007 in FCC1
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