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CMS Conditions Data Access using FroNTier

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Lee Lueking
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Lee Lueking
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27 Mar 2007, 13:46
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27 Mar 2007, 13:46
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27 Mar 2007, 13:57
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The CMS experiment at the LHC has established an infrastructure using the FroNTier
framework to deliver conditions (i.e. calibration, alignment, etc.) data to processing
clients worldwide. FroNTier is a simple web service approach providing client HTTP
access to a central database service. The system for CMS has been developed to work
with POOL which provides object relational mapping between the C++ clients and
various database technologies. Because of the read only nature of the data, Squid proxy
caching servers are maintained near clients and these caches provide high performance
data access. Several features have been developed to make the system meet the needs of
CMS including careful attention to cache coherency with the central database, and low
latency loading required for the operation of the online High Level Trigger. The ease of
deployment, stability of operation, and high performance make the FroNTier approach
well suited to the GRID environment being used for CMS offline, as well as for the
online environment used by the CMS High Level Trigger (HLT). The use of standard
software, such as Squid and various monitoring tools, make the system reliable, highly
configurable and easily maintained. We describe the architecture, software, deployment,
performance, monitoring and overall operational experience for the system.
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