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Software Sharing at Fermilab

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Software Sharing at Fermilab -
Experiences from Run II, KITS and Fermitools
Ruth Pordes, Betsy Schermerhorn - for the Fermilab Computing Division

Fermilab provides many different software packages for specific
Experiments or Projects. We promote a strategy to distribute and reuse software once
the investment in its development has been made,. We describe experiences
with three approaches and our ideas for continuing this effort into the

In the CDF /D0/ CD Joint Offline Project, software is jointly developed
or obtained and then supported by the Computing Division and the
Collaborations. We describe one such project as an example - the
development and support of the experiments data base management systems. Key
elements in the promotion of reuse and sharing of software are providing and
maintaining central services which simplify and standardize how software is
distributed and managed. We describe our central code repository, mechanisms to
support distribution from a central restricted FTP site, our email support
system, and the service provided by a searchable catalog of software and
documentation. Through the Fermitools Program, we have been providing
software to the more general community. We work towards a semblance of
open source within the operating DOE guidelines. As attitudes towards open
source continue to change we are hopeful this approach can be expanded.

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