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The CDF Module Database

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14 Jun 2007, 15:50
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We describe the database application developed to provide tracking of
all data acquisition modules in the CDF Data Acquisition System for the
upcoming Collider Run. The goal of the database is to track the exact

location, repair history, ECO revisions and status of every electronic
module both during development, commissioning and accelerator
operations. Input and report screens will be accessible for use by
Shift Personnel during data taking to allow an accurate record of the history,
and movements of each module.

The CDF Module tracking database is an extension of the Fermilab's
MISCOMP - Management Information System in the Computing Division. It
uses ORACLE as the underlying database. Reporting is available through
Oracle reports, Crystal Reports, project developed reporting using the
flexible perl cgi script MISWEB and sql scripts. Input is available
through the Oracle web interface. A custom java interface is used by the
CDF Silicon Project to provide real time input of data from the module
and detector test stands during acceptance testing of the data acquisition

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