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FBSNG - Batch System for Farm Architecture

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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14 Jun 2007, 16:01
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FBSNG is redesigned version of Farm Batch System (FBS), which was developed as a batch process management system for off-line Run II data processing a Fermilab. FBSNG is designed for UNIX computer farms and is capable of managing up to about 1000 nodes in a single farm. FBSNG allows users to start arrays of parallel processes on multiple farm computers. It uses a simplified "abstract resource counting" method for load balancing between computers. Resource counting approach allows FBSNG to be simple and flexible tool for farm resource management. FBSNG scheduler has such important features as guaranteed, controllable "fair-share" scheduling. FBSNG is highly portable across different flavors of UNIX. The system has been successfully used at Fermilab as well as by off-site collaborators for several years on farms of different sizes and different platforms for off-line data processing and Monte-Carlo data generation.
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CHEP2001 held on 03 Sep 2001 in Beijing, China
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