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Lattice QCD Production on a Commodity Cluster at Fermilab

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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14 Jun 2007, 16:22
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Large scale QCD Monte Carlo calculations have typically been performed on either commercial supercomputers or specially built massively parallel computers such as Fermilab's ACPMAPS. Commodity clusters equipped with high performance networking equipment present an attractive alternative, achieving superior performance to price ratios and offering clear upgrade paths.

We describe the construction and results to date of Fermilab's production prototype cluster, which consists of 80 dual Pentium III systems interconnected with Myrinet networking hardware. This cluster is used and operated by a collaboration of high energy theorists and computing professionals from the Fermilab Theoretical Physics Group, the Fermilab Computing Division, the MILC Collaboration and the Cornell Particle Theory Group.

We will describe software tools and techniques we have developed for operating system installation and administration. We will discuss software optimizations using the Pentium's built-in parallel computation facilities (SSE). We will discuss operational issues, including batch systems and communications API's. Finally, we will present short and long term plans for the construction of larger facilities.

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CHEP2001 held on 03 Sep 2001 in Beijing, China
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