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The CDF Run 2 Offline Computer Farms

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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14 Jun 2007, 16:29
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Fermilab Collider Run 2 began in March, 2001. CDF will collect data at up to 20 MBytes/sec onto tape during Run 2a. The offline reconstruction of this data occurs on a large PC farm, which must have the capacity to keep up with this data rate. In addition, some data will be reprocessed and Monte Carlo simulations will also run on the PC farms.

The CDF PC farm will be described. This will include the design and architecture of the farms, as well as measurements that have been made of the performance of the system. CDF took data in the Commissioning Run in the fall of 2000 and this data was processed through the farm. Early processing of Run 2 data will be described. The capacity of the farms has been increased with the addition of PCs and with additional disk storage on the Input/Output systems. Further enhancements to the farm will be discussed.

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CHEP2001 held on 03 Sep 2001 in Beijing, China
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