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An Electronic Logbook for the HEP Control Room

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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14 Jun 2007, 16:34
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The Control Room Logbook (CRL) is designed to improve and replace the paper log book traditionally used in the HEP accelerator control room. Its features benefit the on-line coordinator, the shift operators, and the remote observers. This presentation explains some of the most attractive features for each of these roles.

The features include the ability to configure the logbook for the specific needs of a collaboration, a large variety of entry types an operator can add by simply clicking and dragging, and a flexible web interface for the remote observer to keep up with control room activities.

The entries are saved as UTF-8 based XML files which allowed us to give the data structure and meaning such that it can easily be parsed in the present and far into the future. The XML tag data is also indexed in a relational data base, making queries on dates, keywords, entry type and other criteria feasible and fast.

The CRL is used in the D0 control room, this presentation also discusses our experience with deployment, platform independence and other interesting issues that arose with the installation and use of logbook.

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CHEP2001 held on 03 Sep 2001 in Beijing, China
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