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MCRunjob: An HEP Workflow Planner for Grid Production Processing

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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27 Jun 2007, 14:13
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Mc_RunJob is a powerful grid workflow manager used to manage the
generation of large numbers of production processing jobs in High Energy
Physics. In use at both the DZero and CMS experiments, Mc_RunJob has been
used to manage large Monte Carlo production processing since 1999 and is
being extended to uses in regular production processing for analysis and
reconstruction. Described at CHEP 2001, Mc_RunJob converts core metadata
into jobs submittable in a variety of environments. The powerful core
metadata description language includes methods for converting the metadata
into persistent forms, job descriptions, multi-step workflows, and data
provenance information. The language features allow for structure in the
metadata by including full expressions, namespaces, functional
dependencies, site specific parameters in a grid environment, and
ontological definitions. It also has simple control structures for
parallelization of large jobs. Mc_RunJob features a modular design which
allows for easy expansion to new job description languages or new
application level tasks.

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