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The CDF Run 2 offline production PC farm

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Selitha Raja
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Selitha Raja
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27 Jun 2007, 14:36
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27 Jun 2007, 14:36
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The CDF experiment is taking data as part of the Fermilab Tevatron Run 2. This data is processed on a large PC farm which has been designed and built to handle data processing, reprocessing when necessary and some Monte Carlo simulation.
The CDF farm will be described. The farm has matured through a prototype phase, early operations of the first production equipment, growth in size and load, major modification of I/O, and use in steady-state at design rates and beyond. The farm has been able to meet or exceed all design criteria. The farm consists of more than 200 dual PCs, some of which serve as input data cache and some as output file concatenation cache. Data rates of over 6 million events/day and 20 MByte/sec have been achieved. This has been sufficient for processing new data while simultaneously reprocessing older data and running Monte Carlo.
Some further enhancements and modifications are contemplated and will be described. Future developments and prospects for the farm will be given.
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CHEP2003 held on 24 Mar 2003 in La Jolla, California
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