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The Open Grid Computing Environments Project: Portal Components and Services for Building Science Gateways

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Lisa Giacchetti
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12 Sep 2007, 14:47
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10 Oct 2007, 15:24
The Open Grid Computing Environments (OGCE) project is a collaboration of science portal development groups at Indiana University, Texas Advanced Computing Center, San Diego Supercomputing Center, San Diego State University, and Rochester Institute of Technology. OGCE provides portal components ("portlets"), Grid client APIs, and services that simplify the process of creating science portals. In this presentation, we describe various constituent efforts the OGCE project, including Grid portlets for interacting with Globus (GRAM, GridFTP), information services (GPIR, QBETS), security respositories (MyProxy), and Condor job submission services. The latter include support for both the Vanilla and Grid universes (i.e., Condor-g). OGCE portlets comply with with the standard Java portlet specification and can be deployed in compatible containers such as GridSphere, uPortal, and Sakai. OGCE portlets build on the Java CoG Grid abstraction layerOGCE services include the Grid Portal
Information Repository (GPIR), currently in production on the TeraGrid, and GFAC, an application factory service that simplifies the process of making science codes into services. Examples of OGCE-based portals are discussed. We conclude with some observations on possible points of collaboration with the Open Sciences Grid.
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Grid Computing held on 25 Oct 2007 in FCC1 Conference room
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