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ASKALON: A Workflow-Application Development and Runtime Environment for the Grid

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Lisa Giacchetti
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28 Sep 2007, 13:09
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01 Nov 2007, 09:30
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05 Oct 2007, 08:18
In the past years, the workflow paradigm has emerged as the most successful way of creating scientific applications for execution on Grid infrastructures, but many existing Grid application systems provide the application developer with a non-transparent Grid. Commonly application developers are explicitly involved in selecting software components deployed on specific sites, mapping applications onto the Grid, or selecting appropriate computers for their applications. Moreover, many programming environments are either implementation technology-specific or force the developer to program at a low-level middleware abstraction.

In this presentation we describe the ASKALON Grid application development and computing environment whose ultimate goal is to provide an invisible Grid to the application developer. We will present the full development and execution cycle of scientific workflows in the ASKALON Grid application development and computing environment based on the following components: 1) a graphical UML modeling tool for high-level workflow composition; 2) an XML-based Abstract Grid Workflow Language; a resource management service for resource discovery, deployment and provisioning; 3) an enactment engine service for distributed execution; 4) and a tool for online performance monitoring and analysis.

The presentation is split into two parts. A slide presentation is used to describe the overall objectives, architecture and services of ASKALON. Thereafter, we will demonstrate our software for two real-world workflows: a simple movie rendering application, and a more complex material science workflow.

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ASKALON held on 22 Oct 2007 in FCC1 Conference room
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