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Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Oct 11, 2007 - Minutes

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Most of the discussion was on defining the interoperability work. We
address interoperability by working on a common protocol / XACML
profile. We do NOT address interoperability by adopting a single XACML
library (e.g. from Globus) for the whole group.

Having said that, today, no library is production quality. Globus has
pledged to prioritize their development considering our requirements as
input. Therefore, we want to use Globus as a reference implementation.
We ask members of the groups that adopt different implementations of the
library (e.g. XACML policy engines, like gJAF and GPBOX) to test the
Globus implementation of the specs toward their infrastructure.

Yuri, Alberto, and Valerio agree with this process and will present
results of testing the Globus library against their XACML policy engine.
Yuri is responsible for reporting the findings of his group on Oct 31 at
11 am Chicago time. Alberto is responsible for reporting the findings of
CNAF on Nov 8 at 11 am Chicago time; he will try to be ready by Oct 31.

We all agree that this will expose potential implementation problems
that prevent interoperability. Globus is committed to fixing these potential
Problems may arise when we can't have interoperability because of other
implementations not being compliant with the specs. Today, we don't have
close contacts with the developers of other XACML implementations (e.g.

We will meet to discuss points 2 and 3 of the agenda for today's meeting
(see below) on Oct 23 at 10 am Chicago time.

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Authorization Interoperability held on 11 Oct 2007
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