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Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Oct 23, 2007 - Minutes

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- discussed the document on obligations common to the AuthZ Interoperability
-- need to investigate some types of the obligation attributes (e.g. list of
-- no formal XACML way of declaring obligation dependencies (e.g. MultipleGIDs
makes sense only ig UIDGID or Username is specified)
-- do we need a PoolName obligation i.e. unresolved PoolAccount name? This is a
GPBox use case to be discussed at the security meeting at CERN
-- when using the AFS token obligation, the handler must reject it IF the
channel was not encrypted.
-- we may not need the PrivilegeMask obligation anymore; using ACL's instead.

- discussed PEP -> PDP communication. SAZ (site authorization service) needs
more attributes than the typical request for local id mapping.
Request context will use <subject> to pass attributes like DN, FQAN, CA, VO and
<environment> to pass PEP capabilities

- action items:
-- Rachana will send a correction to the XACML example of List of Integer.
-- Rachana will do tests with an Array of integers to see how this works in an
-- Oscar will check if base-64 string is fine to represent an AFS token.
-- Yuri: example of XACML interfaces will be published to this list
-- Alberto: send what user attributes are encoded in the XACML <subject> for
authorization via GPBox

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Authorization Interoperability held on 23 Oct 2007
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