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Authorization Interoperability Meeting on Nov 20, 2007 - Minutes

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- EGEE is proposing to take over from Globus the development for the JAVA
XACML/SAML profile library. Globus will still be in charge of the C
development. Chad La Joie will be project leader. He will write a plan by
Nov 30. Claudio Grandi will talk to CNAF about this. Gabriele Garzoglio to
the VO Services stakeholders. EGEE and Globus agree on this course of action
for the group.

- Using the worker node host certificate for gLExec identity seems the most
secure course of action for the PEP -> PDP pilot job communication. The
identity of gLExec (i.e. pilot job) can be sent over as an attribute of the
"action" context (not settled: maybe using "resource" or "environment")

- Possible resource types are CE, SE, WN. A possible attributes is the DNS

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Authorization Interoperability held on 20 Nov 2007
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