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AuthZInterop Feedback to Globus - Jan 17-2008 - Minutes

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22 Jan 2008, 15:44
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- Discussing the introp. profile document. "environment" is used to send PEP
capabilities (attribute "supported obligations"). Oscar is using C prototypical
implementation. Is the current schema policy-friendly?

- Pilot Job information. We want it for policies like "Run user jobs for VO X on
ly if pilot job acts on behalf of VO X". We'll tentatively put this information
in the "environment" context. The pilot identity attributes will be the same as
for "subject".

- What is a resource in our context? We tentatively say CE, SE, WN.

- What is an action in our context? We can have different action for each
resource. Still to be discussed: for SE, "access file"; for CE, queue or execute
(fork job manager); for WN, execute.

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Authorization Interoperability held on 17 Jan 2008
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