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AuthZInterop Feedback to Globus - Jan31-2008 - Minutes

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06 Feb 2008, 11:07
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- OpenSAML code should be stable in 1,2 week
- Discussing Oscar's experiences using the C version of the OpenSAML library.
Discussing issues of compliance with the specs and with the Java
- Discussing processes to test Java and C compliance on the wire. Globus will
write a testing suite that can check C and Java message implementations (e.g.
poiting to a C or Java PDP). We will start now with compliance test manually.
- Globus can implement a test suite to check compliance with the
Interoperability profile.
- Globus is freezing the AuthZ API for v4.2 in Mid Feb. The work on
interoperability will be added later on, as it does not imply a change in the
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Authorization Interoperability held on 31 Jan 2008
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