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File Level Provenance Tracking in CMS

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Ian Fisk
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Ian Fisk
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16 Nov 2008, 08:39
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16 Nov 2008, 08:39
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16 Nov 2008, 08:39
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The CMS Offline framework stores provenance information within CMS's standard ROOT event data files. The provenance information is used to track how every data product was constructed including what other data products were read in order to do the construction. We will present how the framework gathers the provenance information, the efforts necessary to minimize the space used to store the provenance in the file and the tools which will be available to use the provenance.
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Proposed Speaker is Chris Jones, new FNAL employee
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CHEP 2009 held from 21 Mar 2009 to 27 Mar 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic
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