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VO Services Project Phase III Closure Report

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The VO Services Project (formerly, the VO Privilege Project) provides software solutions for Virtual Organization (VO) user registration and fine-grained authorization for access to Grid-enabled resources. The infrastructure assists VO and site administrators with
user account assignment and management at Grid sites, reducing the associated administrative overhead. Authorization is linked to membership of users to VO-defined
groups and roles. User-to-account mapping is flexible, dynamic, and based on both VO group/role and least privilege access.

The project was sponsored by US CMS, based at Fermilab, US ATLAS, based at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and the Open Science Grid. The project started in 2003 to build, extend, and integrate elements within the grid authorization architecture developed by the Grid2003 team. The project is composed of a comprehensive suite of
software services, maintained in part by the project team and in part by close collaborations with partners Grid Middleware groups, including EGEE, INFN, and Globus. Such suite of services include software project for Virtual Organization management (VOMRS and VOMS), for Authorization Call outs (PRIMA, PRIMA-WG, gPlazma, gLExec), and for authorization policy decisions (GUMS).

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