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A Framework For New, Small Experiments at Fermilab

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Rob Kutschke
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Rob Kutschke
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17 May 2010, 13:16
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17 May 2010, 13:16
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Fermilab is preparing to mount a variety of new experiments at the Intensity Frontier, all of which require
infrastructure software including a framework, an event data model, persistency, run-time configuration, management of singleton-like entities such as the geometry and conditions data, interaction with Geant4, build and release management, and integration with GRID based work-flow management systems. In order to maximize the return on both past and future effort invested in supporting CMS, the Fermilab Computing Division (CD) has extracted the core of the CMS framework plus many parts of its associated infrastructure software; CD is supporting this light-weight infrastructure for use by the new Intensity Frontier experiments. A few features of the CMS infrastructure software were found to be unnecessary for the simpler Intensity Frontier experiments, difficult to support and difficult to teach to CMS scientists; these features have been removed and are being replaced with simpler implementations. The muon to electron conversion experiment, Mu2e, has adopted this new framework and the development team is adding features requested from several of the other Intensity Frontier experiments; those experiments are actively evaluating it. This talk will present this infrastructure software including points of view from both the developers and the physicist-clients working on Mu2e.
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Requested oral presentation in the track:Event Processing
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CHEP 2010 held from 18 Oct 2010 to 22 Oct 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan
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