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Report on Summer TRAC Appointment by Robert Bartlett

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12 Aug 2010, 11:51
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My appointment for the TRAC program in the summer of 2010 was in the lab of Dr. David Ritchie, head of the communication and outreach group in the computing division. The project that we developed evolved over the course of the summer, but centered on the learning of two computer languages, PERL and Python, and attempts to use them to first make a computer simulation of a predator-prey situation at the lab involving resident coyotes. We did not complete the simulation, but did develop some parts of the modules needed in terms of the nutritional needs of coyotes and a simulation of the limited resources present in a natural environment. Later we worked on extending a previously written program that monitors the temperature of the computers in a room of the grid computing center (GCC) to cover a second room.
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