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ISO 20K---Word from the Front Lines

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19 Jun 2011, 16:01
Being an ISO 20K project manager is a bit like conducting a symphony while still writing the music. ISO 20K certification is a Herculean task, which can only be achieved through diligence and cultural change across the entire IT organization. This session will provide a case study of an organization striving to bring about cultural change through the implementation of ITSM best practices, as well as the leadership required to bring it about. Each of the ISO 20K program areas will be reviewed, including: 3.0 Requirements for a Management System 4.0 Planning and Implementing Service Management 5.0 Planning and Implementing New Services 6.0 Service Delivery Processes 7.0 Relationship Processes 8.0 Resolution Processes 9.0 Control Processes 10.0 Release Processes The session will provide the reference to the mapping of ITSM / ITIL best practices to the ISO 20K standard. For each program area, the session will outline the strategy employed, successes and struggles, lessons learned, and the journey through continuous service and process improvement.
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NLIT 2011 held from 14 Jun 2011 to 17 Jun 2011 in Vail, Colorado
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