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FermiCloud: Enabling Scientific Computing with Integrated Private Cloud Infrastructure

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Steven Timm
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Steven Timm
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27 Jul 2011, 16:58
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27 Jul 2011, 16:58
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27 Jul 2011, 16:58
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FermiCloud is a private cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service facility
for scientific computing at Fermilab. Users can create virtual machines
on demand with full access to the site network and mass storage systems.
We use grid-based authentication and authorization systems. The
virtualization of small experiment-specific servers and integration machines
has already enabled significant savings in facilities cost.
Potential future applications include preserving archival software setups
for decommissioned experiments and virtualization for compartmentalization
of job execution on multicore machines.

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Presentation as given by Steve Timm at
Science Agency Uses for Clouds and Grids workshop, Salt
Lake City, July 18 2011
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