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CHEP 2012 FermiCloud

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FermiCloud - A Production Science Cloud for Fermilab

FermiCloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service facility deployed at Fermilab
based on OpenNebula that has been in production for more than a year.
FermiCloud supports a variety of production services on virtual machines
as well as hosting virtual machines that are used as development and
integration platforms. This infrastructure has also been used as a testbed for
commodity storage evaluations.

As part of the development work, an X.509 authentication plugins for
OpenNebula were developed and deployed on FermiCloud. These X.509
plugins were contributed back to the OpenNebula project and were made
generally available with the release of OpenNebula 3.0 in October 2011.

The FermiCloud physical infrastructure has recently been deployed
across multiple physical buildings with the eventual goal of being
resilient to a single building or network failure. Our current
focus is the deployment of a distributed SAN with a shared and
mirrored filesystem.

We will discuss the techniques being used and the progress to date
as well as future plans for the project.

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FermiCloud CHEP 2012
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Revised poster with changes from review plus add pdf file
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CHEP 2012 held on 21 May 2012 in New York, New York
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