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E-Center: collaborative platform for the Wide Area network users

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Fermilab is a leading Tier1 facility for US CMS data storage and
analysis. It applies extra requirements on the Wide Area network
connectivity and expected performance between Tier1 and Tier2 sites.
Historically user expectations for data transfer performance across
Wide Area networks are rarely met. In order to isolate the probable
cause of the sub-optimal performance one needs to obtain network
monitoring data from multiple network domains and aggregate these data
at some centralized location. Extra steps are desired as well for the
transparent network path visualization and advanced anomalous conditions
analysis along the network path(s).
The E-Center project, funded by Department's of Energy Office of
Science, is designed to become a centralized collaborative platform for
the Wide Area network users. This is the place where network user may
find answers, identify and isolate any network related problem, exchange
information with other users or network experts. It is built on top of
webservices architecture and most advanced open source Drupal Content
Management System. In the following presentation we cover E-Center
design, distributed architecture, Data Retrieval Service, novel network
performance visualization ideas, Anomalous Network Events detection and
Forecasting services. The E-Center is deployed at
https://ecenter.fnal.gov. The most general use cases will be outlined as
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CHEP 2012 held on 21 May 2012 in New York, New York
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