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Status of the Adoption of a SAML-XACML Profile for Authorization Interoperability across Grid Middleware

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Gabriele Garzoglio
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Gabriele Garzoglio
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16 Feb 2012, 14:11
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16 Feb 2012, 14:11
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The Authorization Interoperability activity was initiated in 2006 to foster interoperability between middleware and authorization infrastructures deployed in the Open Science Grid (OSG) and the Enabling Grids for E-sciencE (EGEE) projects. This activity delivered a common authorization protocol and a set of libraries that implement that protocol. Authorization "calls-out" based on this protocol have been integrated with the common Gird middleware (Globus Gatekeeper, GridFTP, dCache, BeStMAN, etc.) and site authorization services (LCAS/LCMAPS, GUMS, SAZ). As the infrastructure gets deployed to more and more sites on the OSG, the implementation is being tuned to surpass an authorization rate of 100 Hz. Such a rate is sufficient to support the peak needs of large Grid sites, such as Fermilab.
The profile committee has recently introduced its first extension since 2008. This experience demonstrated how the change management process of the profile and its implementation could be run successfully. This process will be put to the test as the committee will discuss the upcoming requests to include Cloud Computing authorization in the profile.
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ISGC 2012 held on 26 Feb 2012 in Academica Sinica, Taipai, Taiwan
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