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Tool Tip: Redundant web service infrastructure

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Redundant web service infrastructure is used to increase availability of web services and distribute load among individual servers. The infrastructure consists of multiple server computers and software components coordinating and redirecting web service requests among them. We have 2 different software request multiplexing components - HTTP redirector and HTTP proxy.
They cover 2 different classes of use cases:

1. Interactive, session based services such as electronic logbook. These services use the redirector to find an available web server and establish user session with it.

2. Data services such as Minerva Conditions Database. Requests to these services do not have any context information, but they usually take substantial amount of time to complete, and present a challenge from the standpoint of the resource management. This kind of services use HTTP proxy as the multiplexing component.

We have been using this infrastructure in production for over a year to run such services as ECL, Minerva Conditions, SAM Database Browser NOvA Hardware Database (http://dbweb0.fnal.gov/redirector/index.html)

The project is in the stable mature production phase with no active development done.

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