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100G R&D for Big Data at Fermilab

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25 Feb 2013, 11:34
The scientific communities at Fermilab are pushing the envelop of Big Data. Fermilab is meeting the needs for fast and reliable data traffic with a state of the art network infrastructure capable of routinely serving an aggregate LAN traffic of 140 Gb/s and a sustained WAN traffic in excess of 30 Gb/s. As a next upgrade, Fermilab is connecting to the ESNet 100 Gb/s backbone.

The High Throughput Data Program (HTDP) at Fermilab was started in 2011 to investigate the impact of and provide solutions for the scientific computing challenges in Big Data of the Fermilab stakeholders. Being an active member of the ESNet 100G Advanced Network Initiative (ANI), HTDP works to identify gaps in the data movement middleware when pushed to the next level of bandwidth and to provide feedback to the middleware developers. The middleware tested included GridFTP, GlobusOnline, the Storage Resource Broker (SRM), XRootD and Squid. This program will continue with the commissioning and validation of the 100 Gb/s link at Fermilab using the FermiCloud Integration Testbed, a new RnD Network Facility at the laboratory.

This work presents the results to date of HTDP, the program of work on the FermiCloud Integration testbed and the new RnD facility.

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