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FIFE Architecture Design Report

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The FabrIc for Frontier Experiments, FIFE, project of the
Scientific Computing Division of Fermilab provides collaborative scientific-data processing solutions to Intensity Frontier and Cosmic Frontier experiments at Fermilab. An integrated offline computing environment, shared by many experiments, requires a robust and scalable underlying computing architecture for lasting success.

The Computing needs of the first Fermilab neutrino experiments were relatively small and addressed with emphasis on user convenience. There are more Intensity Frontier experiments now, the data volume of each experiment is larger and their computing needs have brought
components to their scalability limits. A recent estimate of future computing needs of the experiments shows the need to potentially quadruple current FIFE computing resources.

The scientific computing division head set up a committee the beginning of March 2013 to review and amend the architecture for frontier experiments at Fermilab. The committee reviewed the current computing setup, future needs and anticipated technology advances, it discussed
components and their relationship of a possible future architecture and it looked at scalability and dependencies.

This is the design document.

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