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Recommendations for Intensity Frontier Use of Dcache

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Technical Note
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Marc Mengel
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Marc Mengel
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07 Mar 2014, 15:09
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20 Aug 2014, 10:48
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20 Aug 2014, 10:48
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10 Mar 2014, 14:15
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07 Mar 2014, 15:09
DCache is large disk pool being used at Fermilab, which can act
as a cache pool for data on tape, or as scratch disk.
This document outlines various uses of dcache, and makes recommendations
for how these uses should be performed, how permissions should be set,
and how DCache file\_family tags should be set in the various
directories of DCache's /pnfs area. How DCache will map this configuration
to DCache pools is beyond the scope of this document, up to the
DCache administrators, and subject to change.
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This version adds an additional note based on Nova's experience in Incident INC000000436976, and a note about putting in pnfs subdirectories containing symlinks where users are mapped in the gridftp service so that gsiftp: URL's can have full paths.
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