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ISGC 2014: On-demand Services for the Scientific Program at Fermilab

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In pursuit of the answers of the most elusive questions in particle
physics, Fermilab will run a diverse experimental program in all frontiers
of the field. In 2016, eight major experiments from the three frontiers
will be running simultaneously. The growing computational needs of these experiments will make it strategically important to adapt classical distributed computing on the Grid in light of the emerging
Cloud paradigm. As the amount of accessible distributed resources approaches
the 100,000-slot scale, the deployment strategy for the services that
support these computations must be rethought.

The on-demand provisioning of services in support of scientific workflows is a key area in the optimization of modern computing centers. The sheer diversity of requirements from concurrently running workflows already strains to the limit the classical approach of static resource provisioning.
More flexible schemes to reconfigure computational clusters according to the
demands of the workflows can be implemented through the dynamic provisioning
of on-demand services in FermiCloud. These services can be in support of
batch computation (e.g. data transfer, job submission services, slot
bursting), interactive sessions (e.g. build nodes, Grid-like environments
for debugging), or specialized use cases (e.g. private batch systems,
MapReduce environments, etc.).

We will present the progress at Fermilab from the FermiCloud project and how it supports the scientific program.

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