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Build Service Charter (OBSOLETE - please see DocDB #5320)

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The purpose of this project is to design and implement a system for regular (nightly or other experiment-level) software builds by Frontier experiments and related software providers at Fermilab.

Presently, many software packages are built (on a nightly basis) on interactive nodes. While this is easy to set up, the builds take a long time—up to many hours. Limitations include I/O bandwidth, e.g., from use of network-attached storage, such as NFS or AFS; and a limited number of processors/cores, which limits parallelism in the build process.

Individual users building code for their own analyses face similar problems, long compile and link times, probably for the same reasons.

A related problem is that the build process is not well integrated with code distribution, including CVMFS.
The build system architecture from this project should enable greatly reduced build times: tens of minutes or less, rather than hours. The system should be reasonably easy for experiment developers and software librarians to use; affordable within expected budget constraints; and maintainable without undue expense or administration effort.

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