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Modernizing application integrations with a data integration hub

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Fermilab is implementing the Workday Human Capital Management system to replace its current PeopleSoft HRMS installation. Along with implementing Workday it was also decided that new integrations between Workday and the Legacy systems should move away from point-to-point integrations and toward an application integration architecture that uses a “hub” approach.

The application integration architecture includes many components such as a file storage system, file transfer system, and other supporting tools. However, the engine of Fermilab’s application integration architecture is a data integration hub that is based on the usage of an extract, transform, and load (ETL) tool to process and translate data so that it is usable by the various data sources (producers) and targets (consumers) Key capabilities of the data integration hub include providing:

• The ability to securely transfer data in different formats between systems

• The ability to merge and unmerge data for use by different systems

• The ability to transform data into different formats (XML, CSV) and structures

• The ability to map and un-map data transferred between systems

• Job orchestration and monitoring

• A central location and toolset to develop and maintain integrations

• A platform and system agnostic solution

This presentation will provide an overview of the features of a data integration hub and the benefits that have been or are planned to be achieved.

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