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Project Management Plan for the CDF, D0 CD Joint Run II Offline Computing Project

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Marcia A Teckenbrock
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Marcia A Teckenbrock
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08 Apr 1998, 11:55
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08 Apr 1998, 11:55
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The task of developing the software and acquiring and commissioning the hardware for the Run II offline analysis is a massive undertaking. In scope, complexity, personnel, and budget it is equivalent to roughly half of one of the detector upgrade construction projects. A significant part of the effort is the sole responsibility of each experimental collaboration. Other parts, including the specification, procurement, and implementation of hardware and commercial software and some of the software development will be carried out by a collaboration of CDF, D¬0 and the Fermilab Computing Division (CD). This part of the project goes under the name "CDF, D0¬ CD Joint Run II Offline Computing Project" or , for short, the "Joint Offline Project". The purpose of this document is to describe the project management and oversight of the Joint Offline Project. Section 1 discusses the Joint O ine Project in the context of the whole Run II software effort and presents its motivation, goals, and history. It also discusses some special considerations which influence and, in some cases, constrain the approach that is taken to management; Section 2 presents the top few levels of the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS); Section 3 describes the overall management plan including the key management roles and organizations and the formal instruments that will be used in project management; Section 4 describes the mechanisms for project change control and Section 5 those for project oversight; and, finally, Section 6 explains how the current plan can evolve to meet changes in the needs or progress of the Joint Offline Project.
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