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JobSub: Scaling a Job Submission Infrastructure using a 3-Tier Architecture

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Gabriele Garzoglio
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Gabriele Garzoglio
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16 Oct 2014, 09:37
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The FIFE (Fabric for Frontier Experiments) community has been using the JobSub tool for over two years to run scientific workflows in the Open Science Grid (OSG) and local clusters at Fermilab. JobSub provide user communities with a collection of easy to use tools that automate several job submission tasks, such as facilitating site selection using the GlideinWMS Workload Management System, managing submission credentials, handling data transfers, etc. With the increase in diversity of the FIFE community, the previous simplistic architecture of JobSub provided several operational challenges and limitations. There was a need to provide the community with a shared, scalable, reliable and robust job submission system to meet their computing needs. This paper describes the initial challenges of the simplistic 1-tier architecture, the diverse set of requirements from the FIFE and operational communities, and how these challenges and complex requirements are addressed in the new 3-tier architecture of JobSub.
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