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Computing: from data to physics - a non-expert overview from the scientist point of view

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10 Nov 2014, 15:29
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Big computing is a big part of today's scientific world, especially here at Fermilab. Scientific achievements like the recent discovery of the Higgs boson rely on computing at all stages of the scientific process, from data collection to data preparation to data analysis. Nowadays, Computing is a world-wide distributed endeavor and Fermilab is a big part of it. Many complicated pieces have to be orchestrated in synchronicity to allow for the massive amounts of data to be analyzed. In this talk, we want to look at the global collaborations that made the hunt for the Higgs boson possible and the essential role computing played in its discovery: We want to follow the path from data to physics. We want to explore how computing is used to carry out our scientific program here at Fermilab through the example of the Higgs discovery, and how this is relevant to support the global scientific collaborations in the future Fermilab program.
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"Computing: from data to physics - a non-expert overview from the scientist point of view" held on 23 Jan 2014 in WH Curia II
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