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MicroBooNE Offline and Computing Review February 2015 Report

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The MicroBooNE project is almost complete and the experiment is expected to take data in FY15. The experiment spokepersons and SCD management would like the committee to review and evaluate the offline computing software and infrastructure readiness of the experiment for successfully carrying out planned commissioning and physics analysis tasks. In particular, the review should comment on:
1. The current offline computing infrastructure and tools, including build and release tools, simulation tools, framework, database, workflow, workflow management, data management, and operations. Is the experiment efficiently leveraging tools and expertise provided by SCD? Does the experiment have sufficient resources from SCD?
2. Are the tools, infrastructure, and established processes sufficient to engage non­expert resources from the collaboration? Are best practices employed in these processes?
3. The manpower needs and availability, both from the experiment and SCD.
The committee is charged with producing a written report addressing these questions and making recommendations for correcting any problems and issues identified. This Lehman­style report will present findings, comments, and questions to each of the questions in the charge.
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