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CMS-FNAL RA Mentoring Process

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The CMS center at Fermilab has a mentoring process to insure that CMS Research Associates (RAs) are guided to the skills and achievements expected for a young physicist, and are coached to have the best chance possible to obtain a faculty or staff position in HEP. The basic mentoring events and mentoring players within the process are discussed in detail below. The process begins with a good start for the RA: a brief research plan, written by the RA, the supervisor and optional mentor, and then extensively reviewed and approved by a mentoring committee reporting to CMS center management. RAs share their ongoing research strategy annually with the CMS group at Fermilab via informal and friendly pizza meetings. The RA research strategy and timeline towards a position is discussed in detail during formal performance reviews. Supervisors are also guided, and present the status and research strategy of their RA annually to the mentoring committee. The RA rehearses to give professional presentations for conferences, seminars, and interviews. RAs are informed about conferences and nominated to give talks. RAs are also informed about jobs in HEP and encouraged to apply at the appropriate time, and the job packet of the candidate is extensively reviewed and refined before submission. The process requires the time and active participation of Fermilab scientists who play the important roles of supervisors, mentors, managers, and members of the RA mentoring committee. The process has been beneficial to the careers of CMS RAs, the functioning and cohesion of the CMS-FNAL group, and the reputation of Fermilab as a good institution for young physicists.
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