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CHEP 2016 - A build system for multiple package development utilizing Spack

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James Amundson
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James Amundson
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18 Apr 2016, 16:46
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18 Apr 2016, 16:46
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18 Apr 2016, 16:46
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The software suite required to support a modern high energy physics experiment is typically made up of many experiment-specific packages in addition to a large set of external packages. The developer-level build system has to deal with external package discovery, versioning, build variants, user environments, etc. We find that various systems for handling these requirements divide the problem in different ways, making simple substitution of one set of build tools for another impossible. Recently, there has been a growing interest in the HEP community in using Spack, <https://github.com/llnl/spack>. to handle various aspects of the external package portion of the build problem. We describe a new build system that utilizes Spack for external dependencies and emphasizes common open source software solutions for the rest of the build process.
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CHEP 2016 held from 10 Oct 2016 to 14 Oct 2016 in San Francisco
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