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LPC CAF description

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The LHC Physics Center (LPC) is a regional center designed to engage more members of the U.S. CMS collaborating institutions in analysis of LHC data and in upgrade-related work. The LPC lowers the barrier to remote participation, creates a vibrant intellectual environment by providing: proximity to a broad range of detector and object expertise under one roof; extensive and expert software support; access to outstanding computing resources; basic training and advanced classes; office space; and an economical location for researchers. The LPC is lead by the LPC coordinators.

The U.S.~CMS community includes about 1000 scientists (roughly 28\% of the collaboration), most of whom are involved in analyzing CMS data. The seven U.S. CMS Tier-2 sites that were selected in 2005 to provide U.S.~CMS analysis facilities and other computing functions were sized to provide for the analysis needs of about 40 people each. As the collaboration grew and the size and complexity of the data grew, the Tier-2 centers also grew. However these seven Tier-2 centers, while important for the U.S.~CMS physics analysis capabilities, have never been sufficient by themselves for the community. The U.S.~CMS Software and Computing Operations Program baseline plan has always called for supporting substantial analysis work at the Fermilab facility. Original plans called for a facility to service the needs of about 100 people; in reality, ten years later, we have about 150 active users, among about 750 people with user accounts. Many of these users are not resident at Fermilab, but instead at their home universities or CERN. This facility is called the LHC Physics Center (LPC) CMS Analysis Facility (CAF). The resources are funded through the U.S.~CMS Operations Program and managed by the U.S.~CMS Tier-1 manager. The U.S.~CMS Computing Resource Allocation Advisory Board reviews semi-annually the LPC resource requests by the LPC coordinators and provides resource allocation guidelines to the U.S.~CMS Tier-1 manager. The U.S.~CMS Tier-1 manager consults frequently with the LPC coordinators about short-term changes to the resource needs, for example due to the conference schedule. The LPC CAF resources are operated by the Fermilab Scientific Computing Division (SCD). Support of the computing resources and the user community is shared between SCD and LPC support staff.

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