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Current Samplers and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo: Notes for Users of CosmoSIS

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Marc Paterno
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Marc Paterno
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26 Jul 2019, 13:42
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26 Jul 2019, 13:42
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26 Jul 2019, 13:44
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The purpose of this document is to explore the mathematical and statistical background behind sampling methods implemented in CosmoSIS. The document is broadly split up into four sections: Random-walk Metropolis Hastings, Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, Gradient-free Hamiltonian Monte Carlo and MultiNest. Random-walk Metropolis Hastings and MultiNest were already in use in CosmoSIS at the time when this document was written, while the purpose of this project was in part to determine the viability of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo as a sampling method in CosmoSIS. These notes are meant to be self-contained but are not comprehensive or entirely rigorous. Further reading on selected topics will be highlighted throughout the notes.
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The actual author is Scott Ziegler, who is not registered in a way that allows proper accreditation.
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