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A Case For Reflection

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Mark Fischler
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Mark Fischler
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21 Mar 2005, 10:35
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21 Mar 2005, 10:35
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21 Mar 2005, 10:38
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For the purposes of the pre-meeting mailing of the C++ Standards Committee, we identify and describe the features of a reflection mechanism that would satisfy certain needs of the HEP community.
We describe HEP applications (programs, tools and design patterns) that would benefit from additional compiler supplied information. We then present an overview of the capabilities that would make a reflection mechanism most useful for those application.
We also present a survey of HEP products (ROOT and SEAL Reflex) which depend on their own exra-linguistic implemntations of partial C++ reflection capabilities.

The document is precisely that sent to the pre-mailing; this abstract is **not** part of that document.

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European Co-Authors (not listed in the Austhors for the CD dcoument database) are Lassi Tuura, Pere Mato, and Stefan Roisser.
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