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Experiences Building a Distributed Monitoring System

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Vicky White
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Vicky White
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05 May 2005, 16:33
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05 May 2005, 16:33
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19 Oct 2006, 17:39
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The NGOP Monitoring Project has developed a package which has
demonstrated the capability to efficiently monitor
tens of thousands of entities on thousands of hosts,
and has been in operation for over 4 years.
The project has met the majority of its initial reqirements,
and also the majority of the requirements discovered along the way. This talk will describe what worked, and
what did not, in the first 4 years of the NGOP Project at Fermilab;
and we hope will provide valuable lessons for others considering
undertaking even larger (GRID-scale) monitoring projects.
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HEPiX 2005 held from 01 May 2005 to 13 May 2005 in Karlsruhe, Germany
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