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If you have questions about the information presented here, or if you need new Topics, Keywords or Security Groups created, please email the HelpDesk.
 Posting Project Documents (including Status Reports) in DocDB
  1. Log on to DocDB via a username/passsword or via a KX509 certificate.
  2. Check to see if there is an existing Document for your Status Reports for your Project, if one exists by searching on Topic, Author or Title. If one does not exist, go to step 3.
  3. Once you find your Project Document, you may either:
    • add files to the existing document (Click the "Add Files" button in the left column of the document screen. This does not create a new version of your document)
    • or create a new Document and then add cross-references (modifying the database) to the other document from your new one and vice/versa.

  4. When creating new documents, please make sure that the following fields are as indicated:
    • Title - Use the title of the Project for "Master" Documents. You can see a list of Sector Projects at http://wwwserver2.fnal.gov/cfdocs/project_services/index.cfm.

      If you are creating a new document, the document should reflect the contents of the files in the document, however, we encourage you not to create a new document for every file you upload to DocDB.

    • Abstract - This is a required field. We encourage you to enter a brief description of your project here.
    • Keywords:
      • If this is a Status Report, include the keyword for the type of report (either Status, Briefing, Closeout or Finished). The keyword must be entered EXACTLY as it appears here in order to work!
      • We are not extensively using keywords at this time. Ask your project leader if any additional keywords are needed.

      Note: You can see current DocDB keywords by clicking the link labelled "Keyword Chooser" on the Document Add form. If a keyword does not exist, you can enter your own, however, keywords not in the Keyword List will not appear if a user wants to sort documents by keyword. Your own keywords can be used in the Search form, however. (Email helpdesk@fnal.gov to get your keyword officially added.)

    • Description (Under "File Upload") - It is helpful to enter a short description for the file, and a date, if it is a status report, to help distinquish between other filesi (i.e., Video Conferencing Status Report, 2/9/05).
    • Security - should generally be set to "Public." NOTE: Make sure no sensitive information is included in your reports. If so, it should either get assigned a different security level or perhaps should not be posted in DocDB at all. Discuss with your supervisor or with a DocDB administrator if you have any questions.
    • Topic - If your document contains any Status Reports, please choose Meetings: Status Reports as well as any other Topics pertaining to your project (e.g Shared Systems and Services: Networks for network status reports). One or more topics may be selected by selecting the Ctrl key on your keyboard.
    • Cross Reference:
      • Enter the document numbers of other documents directly related to this one so a reference to them will appear with this document. Enter the document number or numbers, separated by a comma or a semicolon (i.e., 19, 262).
      • You will probably want to add a cross reference to these related documents back to your new document as well.
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Last updated June 18, 2008